K3D Sports provides unique and innovative tailor made sports specific programs derived from Filipino Martial Arts & Combat training. In dire situations, decisions need to be made unconsciously without train of thought. To be able to achieve such a task is more likely to occur if one has previously trained under simulated pressure or been coerced into actions with no process or thought time given.

Our sports programs give our juniors an edge over others as they discover how to make quicker decisions, improve their reflexes and reaction times. We also concentrate on utilising peripheral vision, again enhancing their skillset of overall vision of their teammates on the field. Navigation around a field becomes easier when all objects in an environment can be detected making for improved judgements and decisions. It creates the ability to see through your brain and not just your eyes!

Our training promotes a mental and physical toughness and competitive edge to compete and strive for higher results. We also provide personal safety skills within our programs, although it is not the main objective, but a lot of the skill sets are transferable to everyday life, being aware of their surroundings and knowing how to react, counter, move and avoid or escape against a possible attack.