With a changing world and global violence on the uprise, clients often need proven and specific safety solutions, to live and travel safely in their everyday lives. We provide personal safety and professional protection solutions across all industries. 

Our professional team at Conflict Science Solutions has nearly 40 years experience in the personal safety and protection field. With a diverse range of subject matter experts pooled from Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s), Security, Doormen, Military, Special Forces, Combat Instructors, Martial Arts and Street Fighters.

To be proficient in the real world, the skills need to be from real life experiences and proven functional in the field. It also takes many years of training congruently, made to be put under pressure in real attack scenarios to prove the functionality of your expertise to achieve the required result or effect.

Simply doing weekend warrior courses or training in Martial Arts in ideal conditions and surroundings under controlled environments is far from reality! Quite often fancy and feel good techniques get confused with what can really happen with a violent attack. An attack is a one- way assault, it is not a fight. People often confuse Martial Arts with Combat skills. Combat and Martial Arts are vastly different by nature, application and more importantly by result! All of our trainers have real life experience.

Solutions need to be in context of the situation or depending on your job mandate. From civilian, to LEO or Bodyguard, the same core attributes of situational awareness, decision making and survival skills need to be imbedded into the unconscious mind.  

At Conflict Science we are world leaders in all aspects of Edged Weapon Survival. Throughout history the blade has always been the most feared weapon. It is the most intricate weapon to fully comprehend and survive against. Blades have become prevalent in all societies.