Who We Are

Conflict Science is not a martial art or any particular style. We are a group of dedicated warriors who live the passion of discovering how to survive real life scenarios, either through experiences "out in the field" or by hardcore pressure testing scenarios in our congruent training. Our survival & fight prevailing methodology has been proven functional over many decades of real life experiences. We have learned to navigate through the chaos by continually training attacks in real-time and working against when things go can wrong!

We are always evolving and pushing the limits to keep it real as the world changes.

About us

Conflict science is based on over 4 decades of proven “in the field”, tactics and methodologies that has saved many lives over the years, especially in the violent streets of South Africa, headed by tactical specialist Mark Human.

The tactics and content in the Blade Survival videos have been taught and utilised by Law Enforcement, Special Forces, Military, Security, Martial artists, and Civilians around the world. Conflict Science Online tutorial videos have been constructed by the founder Andy Elliott of Australia. The Blade Survival series is dedication of my life’s journey from working in rough terrains, experiencing many volatile situations and years of training with experts from around the world to discover what really works against edged weapons. To find the truth, it has to be proven functional by proven facts! Unjustified opinions will most likely fail. The videos give you the core fundamentals you need to survive against varied blade attacks and holdups.

This video series is a must for everyone to help educate you to enhance life-saving skills.

How YOU Will Benefit from Conflict Science

Conflict Science videos are available for the public as an educational guide to help you understand how to counter a blade attack and help you survive, help save your life and your family and loved ones. The videos are not Martial Arts or any particular style. They are based on proven scenario based training and real life experiences, providing a framework to survive the chaos of an attack as you need to instinctively know how to be prepared to defend yourself and understand the consequences of your actions. There are "850+ videos" covering 9 different Training Modules.

Why YOU Should Invest in Conflict Science

Most importantly - to save your life or maybe a loved one! You only need to be attacked once in your lifetime for it to cause devastating results or outcome. No one is exempt from crime or violence. If you have never had any previous experience or any knowledge of what to do in the case of an attack, then your chances of surviving and becoming a victim or even worse a statistic is unfortunately very high. These videos protect your most important asset - YOU!

You most likely have house & car insurance, then why not Personal Safety Insurance.


International Combat & Defensive Tactics Instructor

Filipino Grandmaster / Punong Guro

Andy Elliott is an International Combatives and Defensive Tactics Instructor, conducting seminars and training around the world on a regular basis, having taught combatives in 30 countries. He instructs members from Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Prison Guards, Security, Martial Artists and Civilians on a global scale.He is an Instructor and Mentor for Multi-Dimensional Warriors (MDW), out of the hardcore streets of South Africa.
He is also a world renown Filipino Grandmaster and the Founder of the International Organisation – Kali 3 Dimensional, a reality based Filipino Combatives system proven by its pressure testing methodology.

International Combat & Defensive Tactics Instructor

Muti-Dimensional Warriors (MDW) Chief Instructor


Mark has been a trainer for South African Military, Law Enforcement Departments, Private Law Enforcement and Security Companies.

His focus is on CQB, specialized segments of HRT, and “anormal” scenarios practices and skills. Mark is extremely passionate about combatives and the value they offer to good people.

He’s a co-founder technical director, curriculum developer and instructor for both Multi-Dimensional Warriors (MDW) and Advanced Conflict Training (ACT) an organisation offering solutions for challenges related to personal safety and field efficiency to Private Citizens, Law Enforcement, Security and Military Personnel.

Combat Instructor, Ex Special Forces



Heikki is a dedicated International Combat Instructor who has taught and trained all over the world. He is a former Finnish Army Green Beret (NCO Sgt, LDRP). A lifetime of multiple martial arts, he is a 7th Degree Master in Filipino Kali Sikaran, with 3 other Master Ranks & Black Belt/Instructor certification in 10 different systems. He has had a long career in Law Enforcement where he has put his skills to the test, along with training many Military Personnel and Police. His main focus today is combatives in austere environments.

Combat Instructor, Security Guard



Dilworth has been training in various Martial Arts & Combat for most of his life and now and operates his own Kali 3 Dimensional Filipino Combatives club in Melbourne, Australia.

He is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and travels internationally with Andy to train with specialists and improve his skills.

He has worked security on doors for many years and he is also a Committee Member at the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame.



I have never seen the information on Blade Survival and training that I will be releasing for the public. It is years and years of hardcore training to prove what is actually functional.

It is not the usual misleading martial arts, feel good techniques that you usually see on video by instructors who really have no idea of reality by not seriously pressure testing.

The video series covers the initial attack that you must be able to counter to be able to survive!

You have the opportunity to purchase & learn.

This video series could save your life!





A blade or edged weapon is the most complex and intricate weapon that one can face! Slashes are stabs with a blade will most likely be fatal & the margin for error & surviving is absolute minimum. It is extremely different to fighting. The results can be determined by millimetres & milliseconds. The human body has 7 anatomical targets that a blade can cause severe outcomes to - distraction targets, vascular, nervous system, structural, organs, oxygen and muscular. The video series cover the correct structures, pressures, movements and angles to survive. Again, it is completely different to empty hand fighting!



With a hold up, if you seriously think your life is in jeopardy, or you may need to act immediately because a loved one is being taken away or being attacked for example.

Also you definitely do not want to be taken away to a second location, most likely you won't be coming back!

The video series demonstrate the various ways to survive a hold up from all different angles - Front, Side and Rear.

One reason why we can counter a hold up is that the blade is stationary and you know exactly where it is. Another proven fact is if you move first at close range, especially with a distraction, you have the advantage.



Disarms are an extremely opportunistic and dangerous! You should never attempt any disarms, without seriously diminishing the attacker first. Circumstances will dictate the opportunity, but there are so many things that can go wrong. Loss of motor skills through fear & adrenalin, slippery with blood, attackers is too strong, no knowledge of previous congruent training etc.

The video series demonstrates how it is possible to achieve disarms with utilising the environment, smashing it out of their hand and the necessary grips required to be able to safely release or leverage a blade out of an attackers hand. The empty hand vs blade videos give you a great insight how to get to a possible position to have that opportunity.



To fully understand how to survive against a blade, I believe you must know how to train with a blade & learn all the different parts of a blade & the devastation of what a blade can do to you! Blade work can be brutally simple and infinitely complex. If you are prioritising &/or framing for a specific scenario it's easy to learn and own a simple effective mindset & a set of skills in a short period of time. A few simple concepts can make you dangerous, but to dominate the chaos of edged weapon attacks, that's a lifetime! It is a commitment or more accurately an obsession. “A big difference between an edge weapon system & edge weapon framework”. This video series demonstrates the core fundamentals required to prepare you for the properties of a blade - striking & countering. Utilising peripheral vision and how to start becoming subconsciously competent. This is a great start but it takes serious amount of committed training to get the real life skills.

Added Bonus - My Entire Filipino Combatives Curriculum Available

- Level 1 to 1st Degree Black Belt

Filipino Combatives presented very differently to other systems:

"Scientifically proven fighting methodology made functional through a transitional matrix

of principles based on cognition, physics and geometries".

Grading in Kali 3D available (details provided upon subscription).

FMA - Edged Weapons

Teaches you how to survive blade attacks, either empty hand or with blade to blade as the movements are the same. Our blade training methodology has been proven functional over many decades.

Sticks Fundamentals - How to Train with Sticks

Introducing you to sticks with all the core fundamentals in how to strike, including the biomechanics of your arm movement, knuckle alignment, utilising your peripheral vision, drills formulated for cognitive progression & more!

FMA - Double Sticks

Double Sticks is a fantastic way to train your coordination, ambidexterity, multi-tasking & cognitive skills to name a few. The great about the sticks is that they are just an extension of your arms & teaches you the correct moves in either fighting or just having fun!

FMA - Single Stick

Single Stick training is of great benefit as it teaches you how to apply any improvised weapon, how to counter, distancing & angles. The stick can also be used for restraints & grappling leverages & chokes.

FMA - Empty Hand

How to survive street attacks with a either a blunt weapon or empty hands & being able to counter & prevail by using a proven functional fighting methodology.

FMA - Grappling

Learn how to grapple while standing, understanding how to control leverage & restrain or takedown your opponent. How to avoid being taken to the ground (anti-grappling) along with learning how to survive on the ground.

Counter Strike Entries - Systems 1 - 6

Transitions to Sticks / Blade / Empty Hands

The hardest part of a fight is being able to counter & enter into the attack without being taken out. The videos will show how you can utilise the same methodology of 6 entry systems to counter & prevail in an attack with blades, sticks, improvised tools or empty hand.

Double Sticks -

For Coordination & Cognitive Skillsets

Complete Stick training videos series introducing all the correct core attributes to strike correctly & many drills to work on your cognitive skills along with your physical coordination & ambidexterity.

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All Blade Survival Series


All FMA Modules

850+ Videos

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All Blade Survival Series


Blade Introduction Videos

114 Videos

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All FMA Modules-

Blades: Long & Short

Double Sticks, Single Stick

Empty Hand & Grappling

614 Videos

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All FMA Sticks Modules -

Stick Basics, Double & Single Stick & Sinawalis

294 Videos

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All Counter Strike Entries -

Blade, Sticks & Empty Hand


51 Videos

$117.00 USD Per Year

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Any FMA Module of Your Choice - Blades, Sticks, Empty Hand or Grappling

Each Module Over 100 Videos

$97.00 USD Per Year

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Captain Kaustav Nath - India

I first heard about Andy Elliott through my Kyokushin Karate Senior, Sensei Raja Mookherjee, who was hosting Andy’s Stick and Knife Fighting workshop at Navi Mumbai, India. I was a visitor and my wife was training under him. I was floored by what I saw. This was tactical and practical fighting, which is what is needed on a daily basis in the streets. Since then, I have become a fan and an ardent follower of Andy Elliott. He is a world class and highly skilled International Combat Instructor. He has attained his skillset over many years through real life experiences, while training and teaching around the world in 30 countries. He is an edged weapon expert and also an Internationally certified and recognised Filipino Combatives Grand Master. I very strongly feel that his online videos would be of great benefit to all, proven functional videos that have not been presented in the martial arts world. A must for anyone who seriously wants to learn how to survive & protect themselves & their loved ones from blade attacks as well as an awesome insight into the benefits of Filipino Combatives in how the weapons transition to the same empty hand moves.

Captain Kaustav Nath (Retd)- INDIA.

Ex Special Forces Indian Army

3rd Dan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate

Johan Skålberg - Sweden

Andy Elliott is a very down to earth teacher that can walk his talk. He is a highly qualified self defense instructor with international standards. He is also a great public speaker with a passion to teach and share his unique knowledge to Tactical Teams as well as to the Corporate world. If you have the chance to learn from Andy Elliott I give you my personal recommendation that you should.

Johan Skålberg - SWEDEN. Former Navy Diver, Stick Fighting World Champion, Teacher of Tactical Units & Filipino Martial Arts GrandMaster, International Seminar Conductor and Marketer.


Andy Elliott

Email: info@conflictscience.com

Mobile: +61 412 450 250

Address: Cairns, Far North Queensland


Available for Workshops / Seminars

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